Discoloured Teeth

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We’ve all been there. Why does this happen? Can we reduce this? What can we do at home to help?! Discoloured teeth can happen to anyone depending on a number of things like genetics, environment, trauma and poor hygiene. We all go through that stage in our lives where we question the colour of our teeth so let’s take a closer look at this topic further. Sometimes tooth discolouration can be normal over time and not harmful. Remember no one is born with pearly white perfect teeth. Discolouration can show as white streaks, yellow tinge or even brown spots. Firstly, […]

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Love is Love .Your White Wedding

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How to keep your teeth white right before the big day: This is a common fact that all people want to have a gorgeous white smile on their wedding day. When their photographer asks for a “smile” they want to shine forever in those photos. a big issue for the brides to be is to get rid of any problems on their teeth before their day comes. Issues such as: chip crack discolouration stains Here is some tips for you for your spectacular wedding: 3-5 months before the wedding : Start with a consultation It is important to start your […]

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Zoom Teeth Whitening and Frequent Asked Questions

Do you want a dazzling smile? Here at Gorgeous Smiles we make it happen with Teeth whitening!   A Gorgeous smile is always needed for your personal or professional life but sometimes it seems far when there are some stains on your teeth. You might feel like your teeth are too dark, too patchy with colors or you might not feel 100% confident to smile. To get rid of all of the stains and dark color of your teeth, Teeth Whitening is one of the options.   Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which results in the removal of all […]

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A blogpost from a Fashion blogger patient of ours

Read About @Positivejojo ‘S Experience on her blog :   Read Jojo ‘s Full Blogpost Here!! NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT A SMILE           I can’t stop smiling. Truly. I can’t stop smiling! Words cannot express my thanks to the lovely ladies at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry! I’ve never been fully confident with my smile and I’m sure many people feel the same about theirs. I mean, I always felt like my teeth were yellow-ish and crooked, and when I smile, I get bags under my eyes and my nose gets even flatter than it already is. I […]

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