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How white works: maintaining your teeth’s whiteness after treatment

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / Oct 08, 2019  
Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  
Oct 08, 2019  

Teeth whiteness after treatment

Dos and don'ts after teeth whitening

Okay, so you've just returned from your teeth whitening dentist in Melbourne, and you're ready to make those pearly whites out for a spin. But now that the treatment is done, how do you keep your teeth looking their whitest and shiniest best?

Professional teeth whitening treatments can give you the smile you've always wanted. Still, it's what you do afterwards that will determine how long your teeth stay that way. Here are a few tips to ensure the effects of your professional teeth whitening treatment last for months on end.

The most obvious thing people notice about your teeth is their whiteness.

This results from varying degrees of fluoride being absorbed from the tooth enamel during tooth development. If these levels are too high, we call it enamel fluorosis. This is a form of tooth erosion with brownish spots and white specks visible to the naked eye.

Teeth whiteness after treatment:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day

2. Use a good mouthwash

3. Use good toothpaste

4. Don't drink too much soda

Keeping your teeth white requires diligence. A visit to the dentist regularly, even if it's just to discuss your dental health, is the best way to keep your teeth healthy.

Keeping your teeth as white as a pearl is integral to maintaining healthy teeth. Of course, the effect is visible, but there's more to it than that. If you were to lose all of your teeth due to disease, would you ever want to go back to the way you looked before? Of course not. And that's because our teeth are a solid reflection of the person we are.

1) Avoid drinking colored beverages.

How long after teeth whitening can I drink coffee?

The first 48 hours after a professional Teeth whiteness after treatment is the most critical. What you eat and drink plays a crucial role in maintaining the whiteness of your teeth. Some foods and beverages have natural solid or artificial colouring agents. This can discolour teeth that have just been worked upon.
These include tea or coffee (which can instantly stain your teeth). In addition, aerated drinks such as cola, red wine, dark chocolate, food containing turmeric and acidic foods such as citrus fruits can weaken enamel. Finally, avoid any food for 48 hours that could stain a white t-shirt and stick to white meat, white vegetables and colourless drinks.

2) Follow a basic oral hygiene regimen.

Good oral hygiene is the key to a healthy smile. However, maintaining a regular routine becomes doubly important after your teeth have undergone professional treatment of any kind to ensure the effects last. Follow these simple steps to keep your smile looking radiant:
- Brush your teeth at least two times a day
- Floss daily, particularly before going to bed
- Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. This will tackle any bacteria that can cause the build-up of unsightly plaque
- Use a whitening toothpaste once a week to retain the whiteness of your smile.

3) Visit your dentist regularly.

nullPay regular visits to your dentist after undergoing a professional teeth whiteness after treatment. Your dentist will be able to advise you on whitening aftercare, helping you achieve the best results for your smile. In addition, with regular check-ups, your dentist can monitor your teeth, getting rid of stains if they reoccur with touch-up treatments that can preserve your whites.

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