Four Ways Smiling Improves Our Health

Smiling as a work out?

We all heard that old expressions that :  it takes more muscles to frown than to smile,so you should smile to conserve energy! This is not true as It takes a minimum of ten muscles to smile but only a minimum of six to frown. The true expression should be “smile to burn calories”but smiling does much more for your health than just a wor-out for your face.

Here is four ways smiling benefits your overall health:

1.Reduces Pain

Smiling will cause release of Endorphin, Which is our bodie’s “Happy Hormone”.Endorphin will work as a natural painkiller that has no side effect. It is interesting to know that the smile itself will cause the release of Endorphin not the mood you might have wile smiling.

Your brain is so hard wired to associate smiling with release of Endorphin that even fake smiling will get you the benefits of this magical happiness hormone.

2.Reduce Stress

Endorphin also relieves stress.A  2012 study examined how rapid human’s heart rate can go back to normal after performing a stressful task. One group was instructed to hold a pencil between their teeth to force a smile and the other was instructed to hold the pencil between their lips to forces a neutral expression. The subjects with the biggest smiles recovered the fastest.

You can literary “Fake it till you make it”, our brains react to smile in such way that even smiling for no reason can make you happy.

3. Boosts Our Immune System

Your cells can go through cancer induced mutations due to stress. The more you smile the cumulative effect can prevent these mutations and increase your immunity toward them.Relieving stress and tension by smiling can have a profound impact on your health, It can make you more resilient against illnesses and diseases.

4. Increases Longevity

If you smile every chance you get it can make you live up to seven years longer. Smiling can add to you life span.

As adults, we average almost twenty smiles per day, while children will light up with a smile 400 times in that same day! Imagine the health benefits if we could start smiling like we did when we were children? Some people keep their smiles to themselves because they aren’t happy with the way their teeth look, but we can help you get and keep a smile you dreamt of at Gorgeous Smiles.

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