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Invisalign vs Braces - What’s the Better Option?

Minoo  / May 05, 2020 / No Comment 

Invisalign vs Braces!

Ok, Let's say Invisalign vs Braces. One of the most asked questions about clear Invisalign or metal braces. Everyone wants an answer. Keep reading to find out more.

Clear Invisalign vs Braces

Are you ready to start your journey to perfectly straight teeth? Are you unsure whether to settle for conventional metal braces or try the new precise aligner technology? Well, look no further. We are here to answer all your burning questions. But, first, start with Invisalign vs Braces.

As a result of continued research and innovation, orthodontists have made substantial developments in teeth straightening treatments. We are now long past the days of unattractive and painful metal braces. No matter your age, you can now access a range of high-quality, innovative teeth straightening treatments. Which do not entirely take over your beautiful face.

Braces are a part of most people's dental routines, and when they are metal, they are apparent. But, there are also clear braces. Which can be great for people who don't like how metal braces look. Or who can't afford to have metal braces made for them?

Metal braces cost less compared to clear braces. However, there are still some people who have concerns about metal braces. They are not all made equal and may not be the most outstanding solution for everyone. With this in mind, we are hoping to give you some more information about what you can expect to get from different metal braces on the market.

The cost of metal braces can vary drastically between dental offices based on the complexity of the treatment. The skill level of the dentist, your insurance company, and more.

Thinking about Braces?

So, what is the difference between conventional braces and clear aligners?

Conventional Braces:

Braces are a more traditional treatment and involve metal brackets. These are attached to the front of the teeth and are interconnected by a metal wire. They are also available in less visible options, using porcelain instead of metal.

Braces can be used to treat almost all cases, from mild to severe, and the treatment generally takes 18 months to 2 years, depending on the severity. The advantage of braces is that the orthodontist has complete control over the teeth movement, with patient compliance being less of a factor.

However, braces are notoriously less attractive, more expensive, are often more painful. In addition, it cannot be easily removed for cleaning or special occasions.

Invisalign Aligners:

Clear aligners, also known as invisible braces, are the more innovative teeth straightening treatment. They involve a series of precise plastic aligners 3D printed to fit your teeth perfectly and slowly move them into the correct position. Aligners are worn 22 hours a day, only removed for eating, drinking and cleaning. Besides, the aligners are changed every two weeks to allow your teeth time to move.

Clear aligners are most suited to minor to moderate orthodontic issues, and treatment time varies from just 12-18 months.

The advantages of Invisalign clear aligners are that they are much more discreet than braces. Also, they are generally cheaper and can be very easily removed for cleaning or special occasions.

Gorgeous Smiles Invisalign Clear Aligners Treatment:

At Gorgeous Smiles, we provide the revolutionary Invisalign Aligner treatment. This clear aligner uses innovative technology with the highest-quality materials. Also, we are dedicated to optimising the Gorgeous Smiles of all of our valued customers and providing our excellent treatment at competitive prices.

Do you think Clear Invisible Aligners are the right option to straighten your Gorgeous Smile?

Head to our website for more information on our treatment options. Then, call the Gorgeous Smiles team on 03 9042 0483.

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For Invisalign Braces Treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. Or to book a free consultation with our staff. Visit our Invisalign website to discover everything you need to know. Or call the Gorgeous Smiles team today on 03 9042 0483. Book your Dental appointment HERE.



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