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There is a battle in your mouth

EVERY DAY INSIDE YOUR MOUTH, there is a big battle of good versus bad being waged over the ultimate irreplaceable : your natural teeth! And yes!! only YOU can protect them from the destructive forces that are going to harm them. Your teeth are your best assets, irreplaceable and pretty painful when in harm, so take care […]

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Root canal treatments and what to know about them

Decays can happen due to several reasons: Over consumption of sugary food or drinks Poor oral hygiene Not flossing over consumption of fizzy drinks Deep grooves on teeth that have not been sealed When there is a cavity (decay) in one of your teeth, it means restricted infection on that tooth that can get bigger […]

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10 Easy Oral Hygiene tips to save your smile

1. Brush with a soft bristle toothbrush, using medium or hard bristle toothbrushes does not make the plaque removing process any more successful it just hurts your gum. Main reason for gum recession early in life is brushing too hard. You are not in control of your brushing and the energy you put in on […]

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Why We Love Teeth (And You Should, Too!)

Your teeth are your best assets, the way you smile is a factor of how people enjoy the first impression you have on them. It can help a middle age woman to get more confident in her own skin or a grandmother to be able to enjoy her time with her grandchildren. It can help […]

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5 tricks to stop the "Bleeding Gum".

It is good to know that bleeding gum or Gingivitis has 3 stages:   1-Mild 2-Moderate 3-Severe At some point Gingivitis becomes irreversible and starts attacking the bone and ligaments around the teeth.Your bone starts getting resorted and less bone left around the teeth less stable the teeth would be. Your teeth will start falling […]

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Which one is the choice for me Teeth Whitening or Ceramic Veneer?

Have you been wondering if you should whiten your teeth or not?   Have you always wanted the perfect pearly Hollywood smile but you are not sure which one to choose?   Are you wondering about the effects of Teeth Whitening Vs Veneers?   The advantages of Veneers over Teeth Whitening : Veneers are permanently […]

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5 Quick oral health tips that will help you need the dentist less frequent in your life

5 Quick oral health tips that will help you need the dentist less frequent in your life How often do we all need to see a dentist ?  The less the better right? we still need to have regular check ups done but we all wish we never actually need to see the dentist right? […]

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Meet The Gorgeous SmilesTeam

Meet the Team: Part I - I am going to introduce our friendly team to you guys, those of you who have been to Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry know most of them and those of you planning to come are going to feel more comfortable knowing us through this blog: Nasim: Our cheerful and friendly dental […]

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Porcelain Veneers

  Why would one need or want a Porcelain Veneer?   Porcelain Veneers are indicated in the following situations: Tooth Discoloration fracture toothwear closing a gap between teeth (very common between upper front teeth) modifying the shape of the teeth (within limits) for aesthetic reasons When would Ceramic Veneers not be suitable? If there is […]

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