Stop mouth-breathing, the unhealthy habit!

Well , all of us do breathing without thinking about how to do it. However, there are many unhealthy ways that people use for breathing which are surprising!

Breathing with your mouth instead of your nose causes lots of health and hygienic issues. It’s essential to have a healthy breathing habit from early years of life. Because your mouth health is important for us, we are going to inform you from mouth breathing effects on children and how this habit can be changed.

Why is mouth-breathing a bad habit for kids?

Mouth-breathing can lead to many short-term problems for children which can be related to low quality of sleeping from consuming poor amount of oxygen when your children use their mouth for breathing. If your child has one of these following signs, it may be because of mouth-breathing.

  • Impaired speech: It’s harder for a child to say the certain sounds when the mouth is always open.
  • Halitosis (constant bad breathing): Dry mouth is a result from an open mouth, this shows there isn’t enough saliva to clean out the germs from the mouth.
  • Tooth decay: Other important signs of a dry mouth are tooth cavities and decays.
  • Impatience, apathy and negligence: Bad sleep is a product of less consuming of oxygen which makes it harder for your child to pay attention in school and be as much as active and happy that they can be normally.

Negative effects still follow past childhood

But these aren’t the end of the problems because they are not limited to the childhood. There are some threats for the grown up adults as you can see in below:

  • Longer Orthodontic Treatment: Braces will take an extended time and thus there will be higher chance of shifting back of the teeth to the position before starting the treatment.
  • Changed Facial Structure: Mouth-breathing can also lead to different development of bones in the face which causes flatter features, flabby eyes, narrow jaw and a smaller chin.
  • Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder which makes it difficult to get a peaceful sleep at nights and may be one the results of mouth-breathing.

Mouth-breathing can also potentially causes other general health problems such as TMJ:

 So why keep doing it when it’s so unhealthy?

Many different factors result the mouth-breathing as a habit. In some cases for kids, it’s just a habit and parents can persuade their children to avoid it and breathe from their noises. However, for others it can be a result of a different condition. Getting use to a wrong bite which makes it harder to keep close the mouth, clog up the nose due to allergies and large tonsils that block the airway are the examples of the factors which make it more complex to solve the mouth-breathing problem.

Don’t worry! We can help your child to breathe healthy for life.

Mostly, it’s not easy to stop your child from the mouth-breathing habit with just telling them to stop doing it. It’s the time for treatment to stop using mouth for breathing when this habit is due to one of the mentioned problems in listed above. For better information about the cause of the mouth-breathing and find a better way to a healthier breathing, Schedule an appointment with our Melbourne Dentists us!

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