10 Easy Oral Hygiene tips to save your smile

Dec 30, 2020, by Minoo - 0 Comment

List of Oral Hygiene Tips to make you keep smiling

1. Brush with a soft bristle toothbrush, using medium or hard bristle toothbrushes does not make the plaque removing process any more successful it just hurts your gum. Main reason for gum recession early in life is brushing too hard. You are not in control of your brushing and the energy you put in on it so we recommend using a soft toothbrush to never hurt your gum.

2.  First have your breakfast and then brush your teeth, we always come across the question of "do I brush before breakfast or after?" our answer is after to remove any food particle there is really no point in brushing and eating right away. To those of you who might ask but how about all the bacteria build up during night, wouldn't I be taking it all in? we would say a simple rinse will get rid of anything extra and your own body's bacteria is not harmful for you.

3. Change your toothbrush regularly, Toothbrushes can contain a lot of bacteria after a while and their work can be compromise if the bristles are deformed. We recommend changing your toothbrush on average every 3 months.

4. You need to brush for at least two minutes right before bed, the amount of saliva production is much less at night and as saliva is protecting your teeth at all times against bacteria, your teeth are in much greater risk at night so even if you brush once a day do it before bed.

5.Brush light, we already talked about brushing with a soft toothbrush but we need to emphasis that no amount of pressure would do your teeth any good. be very gentle while brushing the toothpaste will do the job! Too much pressure can cause your gum to recede.

6.Floss first and then brush not reverse. Usually everyone flosses last but by flossing first you will get rid of all the food particles in between teeth before letting the toothpaste running in between.

7.Floss at least once a day, NO, flossing 3 times per week or every couple of days is not enough. Flossing is like going to the gym regularly once you get used to the amazing feeling comes after it you cannot stop doing it.

8.Any sort of floss is better than not flossing choose the one that is best for you, if you like the water-jet flosser, the sticks, interdental brushes or good old school floss it does not really make much of a difference. Pick one which you will stick with and do it every single night.

9. Massage your gum. Massage will increase the blood flow to your gum, so do it with your index finger or a gentle brush. It really makes your gum stronger.

10. Brush your tongue too!!! You know how much food particles will be left in between tongue's papillae? there is food and eventually bacteria that can harm your teeth at night just by being left on the tongue. Brush your tongue gently , no toothpaste needed.

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