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101 on flossing

We all have heard it, from our parents probably and from our dentist for sure. Floss !

You need to floss everyday. As a dentist when we ask our patients if they floss, the most common answer usually is “Not as much as I should”, it will surprise us if a patient says “yes, I floss everyday.”

We have talked about importance of flossing but how to do it right? is even more of a question, do you floss properly? Because if not you are leaving 80% of bacteria behind.

Let me first assure you that you do have to floss every single day, better to do it twice a day but even if you are flossing only once do it right before bed. When we sleep saliva decreases in our mouth – you probably have noticed that most of us wake up thirsty – saliva is the first line of defence in our mouths so less saliva at night equals more possibility of cavity formation during the night.

Now that we all agree that you have to floss everyday , let’s make sure you are doing it right.

The proper way to floss :

Wrap the string around the tooth in a C shape way , make sure it hugs the tooth and just get it under the gum by 1 mm. You do not need to push or press and hurt your self.

remember at the beginning you might have some gum bleeding but if the bleeding persists more than a week go see your dentist as that might be a sign of more advanced gingivitis.

under the gum is where toothbrush cannot clean and leaving the bacteria there can cause all sort of systemic diseases.

People often say I do not floss because when I do it bleeds. That my friends is only because you have just started and your gum is inflamed. A healthy gum does no bleed regularly and you need to give it time.

to have a healthy gum you have to floss and then brush every night, see your dentist for a check-up ,regular cleaning and scaling every six months and make sure any small issue is under control before it causes permanent damage to your health.

Read what Australian Dental Association has to say about Flossing.

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