4 Bad dental habits you need to stop now!

dental habits

You may not realise it, but simple dental habits that form a part of your daily life may be damaging your teeth! Oral hygiene and care are vital components of a healthy body. It keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy is an important step to overall wellbeing. That being said, it’s easy to forget that sometimes something as seemingly innocuous as chewing on the end of your pen can cause your teeth harm.

Read on to find out about four seemingly harmless habits that are slowly but surely damaging your pearly whites.

1) Biting your nails
We all know that nail-biting is a particularly unsightly habit. Not only does it ruin the shape and appearance of your fingernails, it is also a chariot for germs and bacteria that live under your nails, waiting to find their way into your mouth. But biting your nails can also be bad for your teeth. Constantly gnawing at your fingernails can damage your teeth or dental work, increasing your chances of tooth-chipping.

2) Using your teeth as tools
Can’t find the bottle opener? Before you stick that beer bottle into your mouth in an attempt to pop off the cap, remember that using your teeth as a tool is never a good idea. When used to open bottles, cut off a clothing tag, crack a nut or rip open a package, teeth are susceptible to cracks and chips. This can leave teeth exposed and unprotected, making them an easy target for tooth decay.

3) Smoking
You’ve probably heard all the facts about smoking harming your lungs and wreaking havoc on your body, but what most people don’t realise is that smoking is also really bad for your teeth and mouth in general. Regular smoking can cause discolouration, gum disease, loss of bone density in the jaw, bad breath and it can put you at risk of oral cancer. The next time you’re tempted to light up, spare a thought for your pearly whites!

4) Grinding your teeth
Stress or anger causing you to grind your teeth in frustration? Clenching and grinding are more damaging to your teeth than you think. Bruxism, as it is known in the medical field, can erode your teeth’s enamel leaving them exposed to decay. Clenching can cause pain and discomfort leading to issues like chipped or cracked teeth, and in some cases even lockjaw or headaches.

If you have any of these dental habits, then make sure you meet visit the right dentist before it damages your teeth.

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