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Sippy Cups And Your Child’s Oral Health

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / Dec 03, 2020 / No Comment 
childrens oral health

Children's oral health

As your children stop using a bottle to enjoy their milk, you need to remember their oral health and decide what step to take next. Malnutrition is a significant cause of death in children worldwide.

The essential components of good oral health are available in most countries. The main ingredients for a healthy mouth are good oral hygiene. Protection of the teeth and gums, regular visits to a dentist, and adequate nutrition.

Children's oral health is something that needs thoughtful attention. There are many things to think about when it comes to a child's oral health. First, of course, you need to look at their general health, teeth and dental hygiene, and diet. But what about the child's personality? This is a significant consideration when it comes to their oral health.

What to know about Sippy cups:

The whole point of a Sippy cup is to have a transition from bottle drinking to drinking from a regular cup. Despite this, many children keep using the Sippy cup even after getting used to the standard cups. Sippy cups can prevent spilling, so using them will encourage children to learn how to use regular cups. Still, prolonged use of them can cause several problems for those little smiles!

If your child drinks from a Sippy cup for a long time, the side effects would be similar to using a bottle every night. The sugar in milk and juice will help create enamel eroding bacteria. Drinking from a Sippy cup all day would cause dental caries or decays due to continuous exposure to sugar and bacteria. Decays have to be filled right away by your dentist, or they can get bigger and more dangerous and eventually damage the permanent teeth underneath. Read more about dental fillings.

When children fall asleep with bottles, the fluid will stay around their teeth and erode them causing painful dental decay or caries. In addition, the top 6 teeth of babies are in constant contact with what is in the cup, which usually is milk or juice. Both contain a high amount of sugar. This can cause dental caries, following swelling, infection. Eventually, it will triple their chances of having dental cavities on adult teeth.

Why oral health is important

In children's Oral Health, the mouth is the gateway to the body. The first line of defence against germs, bacteria, and other potential health threats. If your child's mouth isn't in good shape, their chances of developing tonsillitis or cavities are significant. Especially as they grow and create new teeth.

Your child's teeth are made of the hardest substance on Earth, and that is why they need to be harvested and cared for. Here are some facts about teeth that you may not be aware of. Education about Children's Oral Health must be a priority for every parent.
Children's Oral Health

Few tips for parents:

We understand it is convenient to have Sippy cups at the early stages of your child's development. Still, we highly recommend you use them as a transitional stage to regular cups to avoid any permanent damage to your child's smile. However, some children do not need Sippy cups and manage to use an ordinary mug from the beginning.

Keep these tips in mind if your child needs Sippy cups to transition from bottle:

Visit your child's dentist early stages in life and often to make sure everything is under control regarding their oral health. Read more about maintaining Oral Health.

If you are going to feed them sugary beverages, use a straw so the upper teeth have minimal contact with the drink. Don't allow your child to use the Sippy cup throughout the day, and it will enable them to use it only during mealtime.

At Gorgeous Smiles, we understand your child's needs, and we can help you manage their oral health. We know parents have questions regarding their little one's oral health and well being. Please feel free to contact our Melbourne CBD dental clinic if you have any questions or inquiries regarding your little one.

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