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Dental Injections

Dental anxiety is a very common deterrent from regular dental visits. But what is it that people actually fear about going to the dentist? Well, this could be a number of things such as the needles, the drilling, pain, or simply embarrassment from their own teeth. A lot of these seem like barriers that just simply cannot be broken. However, we can all get past these fears. And continue on the journey for a better smile which starts by going to the dentist often enough, how often? Read here.

Picking an Empathic Dentist is crucial, as you want someone who is able to understand and rationalise any fears you may have. This will help you manage with any discomfort you may believe you will face during your time in the dental chair.

If you fear the needles you should always ask your dentist if you could have some numbing gel prior to injection. This will reduce the sensitivity in the area being injected and help you conquer this fear. Read about children dental anxiety here.

Another fear is the sound of the drill, but unfortunately this sound cannot be turned off. However, a good method to getting through this is the use of headphones during these procedures. Here at Gorgeous Smiles we offer Bluetooth headphones. That can be connected to your phone and play your podcast or favorite playlist while you get your dental treatment.

Most dentists will not mind if you play some music in your ears while they operate on your teeth. Specially if this will help you manage any discomfort you may otherwise experience.

As for the fear of pain, remember during any of your treatments, you can always ask for numbing gel. Dentists do not want to see us in pain, and would love to help in any way they can!

Finally, if you are simply worried about your smile and feel a bit self-conscious, and this is what is stopping you from going to the dentist. A good way to combat this fear is to call the dentist ahead of time and maybe address your concerns. This will allow the dentist to personalize the treatment a bit more. Always remember that dentists see many people’s mouths daily and if you have a smile you are not happy with there is no need to be embarrassed. We are here to help you achieve your goal smile after all.

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