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Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / Aug 03, 2023  
Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  
Aug 03, 2023  
Candidate for Invisalign

Have you ever considered straightening your teeth but weren't sure if Invisalign was appropriate for you? 

Invisalign may be the ideal solution for correcting misplaced or crooked teeth. It's not only effective at providing results - but it can also help you get that beautiful smile without having to go through months of braces and wires. 

At Gorgeous Smile Dental, we understand you might have questions about your candidacy for Invisalign. That's why we'd like to assist you in understanding what it takes to be a candidate for this incredible therapy option. 

To help you, we will review the characteristics considered when selecting an Invisalign candidate. We'll also explain what to expect along the procedure. Read on to see if Invisalign is appropriate for you. 


Introducing Invisalign – What is it and How Does it Work?

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that operates clear plastic aligners to slowly get teeth into better positions. It's a popular choice of traditional metal braces, offering a more discreet and comfortable way to straighten your teeth. 

The Invisalign clear aligners are made of smooth, comfortable, virtually invisible plastic worn over your teeth. Your teeth will progressively realign as the orthodontist intended as you change each aligner every two weeks.

Plus, you can easily remove your aligners when eating and drinking, so there are no restrictions on diet. Compared to traditional braces, the aligners make it simple to maintain your teeth clean and healthy during treatment.

The average Invisalign case will last between 6-12 months, depending on the case's complexity and how you follow instructions.


Who Qualifies as an Invisalign Candidate?

As an orthodontic option to traditional braces, Invisalign can help adults and teens get a straighter smile without the metal wires and brackets. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment. If you’re considering this option, here are some factors that will determine if you qualify as an Invisalign patient:

Orthodontic Problems

If you're dealing with orthodontic problems like over crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps, overbite, or underbite, Invisalign might be the perfect solution. This treatment works great to fix many common dental problems and is almost impossible to see.

However, it is crucial to understand that not all orthodontic issues are identical. More severe or complex cases, like large bite discrepancies, might still need traditional braces. Your dentist or orthodontist can help you determine whether Invisalign is a good fit for your specific needs.


Age is unquestionably a consideration when it comes to straightening your smile using Invisalign. Although this treatment suits adults and teenagers, younger individuals may need dental implants or conventional metal braces.

Their teeth and jaw structure are still evolving and changing, making it harder to use Invisalign. Conversely, adults who choose Invisalign aligners can enjoy the utmost discretion and convenience thanks to its nearly invisible aligners and minimal disruptions to their daily routine.


If you're considering Invisalign, it's crucial to understand the importance of commitment. Wearing your aligners as directed for the entirety of your full treatment plan is key to achieving the best possible outcome.

You may be tempted to take your aligners out for a few hours, but this will impede your development and result in a longer treatment period. So, before you decide to invest in Invisalign, consider your capacity to stick to your commitment.

Oral Health

Having good oral health is essential when considering getting Invisalign treatment. Having strong, cavity-free teeth and gums free of gum disease is crucial. Before starting therapy, taking care of any discovered dental problems is crucial.

This makes sure that your gums and teeth are healthy and able to withstand the course of treatment. Let Invisalign help you straighten your teeth without letting bad dental health get in the way. You can achieve a beautiful smile by caring for your teeth and gums.


Ensure you can afford Invisalign treatment if you consider getting it before committing. Despite the size of the investment, hold off on getting alarmed. To find out if your dental insurance covers any aspect of orthodontic treatments like Invisalign before you begin your treatment, check with your dental insurance provider. 

It's worthwhile to look into since many do. Consult your dentist if you have any remaining financial concerns. To assist you in spreading out the cost over time, they might be able to provide payment options. In either case, asking questions and ensuring you're satisfied with the cost is critical before making judgments.


Benefits of Using Invisalign Over Braces

If you're wondering if Invisalign is ideal for you and your smile, it has numerous advantages over traditional braces. Here are just a handful of the advantages of using Invisalign to get your teeth straightened: 

Invisalign is Discreet

When it comes to teeth straightening, privacy is essential. This is where Invisalign comes in. Clear aligners let you do everyday activities without paying attention to your teeth.

Unlike traditional braces made of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign frames are almost impossible to see. Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing them, so you can smile with assurance. Thanks to these trays, you can live your life to the fullest while still getting your ideal smile.

Easier to Clean

When eating and brushing your teeth, Invisalign trays may be taken out, simplifying cleaning both your teeth and the aligners. This is not an option with braces because they are affixed to your teeth indefinitely until the therapy is finished. 

This implies that food particles may become lodged there, which, if ignored, may result in tooth decay. With Invisalign, you may wash your teeth while wearing the trays out and eat whatever you want without worrying about food becoming stuck.

No Dietary Restrictions

No eating restrictions will apply while you wear Invisalign. Because the trays can be removed for meals and snacks, you can eat all your favourite foods without stressing about them getting stuck in your braces.

With traditional braces, hard and sticky foods must be avoided because they may get caught up in the wires or brackets and cause damage to them. With Invisalign, you won't have to worry about that.

Comfortable Fit

Invisalign aligners are the way to go for a comfortable fit. Their smooth plastic construction is less likely to irritate metal braces, plus they mould to your teeth for a snug, customised fit. Gone are the days of mangled speech or avoiding certain foods for fear of snags or breakage.

With Invisalign, you can eat what you want and speak naturally, all without anyone noticing that you're wearing aligners. Not only do they improve your smile, but they also make the process more pleasant overall.

Quick Results

Invisalign might be the perfect solution if you're looking for quick results when straightening your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, most Invisalign treatments take 6-12 months. That's a lot shorter than the time it takes with bulky metal brackets and wires.

So if you're eager to get a straighter smile as soon as possible, Invisalign is worth considering. With a little patience and a commitment to wearing your aligners as prescribed, you'll see a beautiful, straighter set of teeth in no time.


Final Thoughts

Invisalign is an excellent choice for people who need orthodontic treatment but don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces. It's a discrete, comfy alternative that may be tailored to your requirements. 

To find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you, if you believe you could be a candidate, speak with your dentist or orthodontist. Invisalign can produce stunning results without sacrificing comfort or convenience with the right maintenance, routine checkups, and follow-up visits. Good luck!

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