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Invisalign Vs Bitesoft

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / Feb 06, 2024 / No Comment 
Invisalign Vs Bitesoft

Are you looking to straighten your teeth without traditional braces? Maybe orthodontic treatment is new to you, and you are torn between Invisalign and Bitesoft? No matter the reason, we are here to help!

Finding clear aligners that will help you achieve straighter teeth, align misaligned teeth, and correct bite issues can be tricky, but it doesn't need to be. Here at Gorgeous Smiles, we believe everyone deserves their perfect smile, which is why we are here today. Keep reading to learn about the differences between Invisalign and Bitesof to help you see which is your best choice! Straight teeth and your new smile are just around the corner.

What We Are Going To Cover:

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Treatment Approach

The treatment process with Invisalign is more hands-on, with time spent with dental professionals to ensure the aligners help you achieve your goals. While there is the opportunity to see a dentist during the initial consultation with Bitesoft, the rest of the treatment is remote, with AI offering checkups rather than a professional dentist.

Invisalign Treatment Approach

The Invisalign treatment plan is broken into three steps.

Step 1 - Consultation

An initial consultation is offered, where we assess if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment. In this consultation, we discuss your desired results and create a 3D model of your smile. The Invisalign SmileView shows you your future smile and allows you to make any adjustments. Custom Invisalign aligners are created once you are happy with your new smile.

Step 2 - Treatment Begins

You will have a second appointment when your aligners arrive. One of our CBD dentists will fit the aligner, check the correct fit, and show you how to use it. They will also run through the treatment plan for you so you know what to expect from the start. You will change the aligners every two weeks as the gentle force from them moves your teeth into place and straightens them. Your progress will be monitored every six weeks, with appointments with us. We will check that your teeth are straightening and moving, adjust the aligners if needed, and carry out any dental work you may need.

Step 3 - Enjoy Your Smile

Once your plan ends, you switch to night-time retainers, which will keep your new smile in place and allow you to show it off daily!

Bitesoft Treatment Approach

Bitesoft Co offers a six-step treatment plan, outlined below:
  • Step 1 - Complete a free online smile assessment (optional)
  • Step 2 - Use an at-home impression kit to create moulds of your teeth, or visit a partner clinic for scans, xrays, and an assessment
  • Step 3 - Recieve your treatment plan, including a 3D one, before deciding to proceed. Your aligners will then be shipped to you within four weeks
  • Step 4 - Your aligners, teeth whitening, carry case, aligner maintenance kit, and ScanBox arrive
  • Step 5 - Start using the aligners and check in remotely, using AI remote monitoring technology
  • Step 6 - Once completed, you can purchase post-treatment retainers to maintain your new smile

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Treatment Duration

The duration for both clear aligner systems depends on the smile you want to create and what is required. Invisalign and Bitesoft offer a fast turnaround to straighten teeth, while more complex cases will take over a year to see results.

Invisalign Treatment Duration

How long your Invisalign treatment plan lasts depends on the results you want and what is needed to achieve them. Minor straightening can take three months, whereas more complex cases can take up to eighteen months. On average, it can take anywhere from three to eighteen months, but at your consultation, you will be given a more accurate time frame based on your smile. You must follow your treatment plan closely for the time frame provided to be accurate.

Bitesoft Treatment Duration

How long Bitesoft treatment takes depends on your desired smile and what is required to achieve this. Most customers use Bitesoft for three to nine months, straightening their teeth. More complex cases, such as bite issues or overcrowding, fall under the Bitesoft Pro treatments, taking around fifteen months to achieve your new smile. As with Invisalign, any breaks from your treatment plan will slow the teeth straightening process, taking longer for you to achieve your dream smile.

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Technological Features

Bitesoft and Invisalign both use innovative technologies to create their aligners. Bitesoft uses AI to monitor your treatment instead of in-person dental appointments. Both use innovative materials to keep their retainers as comfortable as possible.

Invisalign Technological Features

Invisalign uses three main technological features to create your new smile. These are outlined below for you:
  • SmartTrack Material - Uses gentle and constant force to move your teeth. The material helps to speed up treatment time, allowing you to see results quickly
  • SmartStage Technology - Programmes individual tooth movement simultaneously, helping us to predict your results and you to see them quickly
  • SmartForce Attachments - Helps your aligner deliver the results you want. Bite ramps, precision cuts, and a power ride are some of the attachments and features we can use to help you achieve your perfect smile

Bitesoft Technological Features

Bitesoft uses some innovative technological features:
  • AI remote monitoring - The ScanBox uses AI to monitor your progress and check on your treatments closely and is supposed to reduce the need for refinements
  • Zendura Flx material - The material used is backed by dentists and is designed to be more comfortable than other clear aligners on the market
  • Sustainable aligners - Once finished with your aligners, they can be returned to Bitesoft, who recycle them into a renewable energy source. You also get $50 off for sending your retainers back

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Cost

Bitesoft is cheaper than Invisalign if you opt to do the treatment at home. However, Invisalign's cost includes regular dental appointments and night-time retainers. Both options come with payment plans, allowing g you to spread the cost of your treatment.

Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on your chosen plan and the work required to create your new smile. On average, it costs between $6,000 and $9,000, but plans start from $3,500. We have price guidelines listed below:
  • Invisalign i7: $3,500 to $5,500
  • Invisalign Lite: $5,000 to $7,000
  • Invisalign Full: $7,000 to $9,000
Here at Gorgeous Smiles, we offer several payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your treatment. We believe that beautiful smiles should be accessible to everyone and offer a consultation where you can learn more about these payment options.

Bitesoft Cost

Bitesoft starts with a $39 home impression kit, or you can pay to visit a Bitesoft Prio dentist. This will cost more and is subject to the dentist you choose, as X-rays and 3D scans are performed. You can then choose from two payment options. You can make a one-time payment of $2,999 using the at-home impression kit. Those using a Bitesoft Pro dentist will pay $3,399. You can also pay in instalments and monthly payments for twenty-four months with no upfront cost. This will cost you more overall, so consider this before deciding. You also need to factor in the cost of your post-treatment retainers, which are $99 per set.

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Customer Experience

Customers seemed happier with Invisalign than Bitesoft. While Bitesoft has happy customers, many noted that the aligners did not deliver the desired results and that they were required to pay additional costs to continue the treatment or correct issues caused by Bitesoft. With Invisalign, there are more in-person checkups than Bitesoft, making it easier to spot issues or adjust the treatment plan when needed.

Invisalign Customer Experience

Customers enjoyed their Invisalign experience and were pleased with the consultation process and results. They found the consultation incredibly informative and enjoyed the face-to-face experience where they could discuss their new smile. While the aligners can be uncomfortable, very few find them painful, allowing them to use the aligners easily. Customers found the treatment plan easy to incorporate into their lifestyle, making them less likely to skip days, which could slow their progress. A few customers found the treatment process took longer than they initially thought, but dental professionals supported them throughout the entire process. They were impressed with the clear aligner treatment, with many of our success stories listed on our site for you to check out.

Bitesoft Customer Experience

Bitesoft customers were pleased with the service they received. They praised the supportive customer team, offering quick answers to queries. Customers also enjoyed the easy-to-use impression kit, making it easy for them to start the process. However, some customers noted that the aligners did not deliver the promised results, with many needing to extend the treatment plan further than expected. Some found they also had to return to their dentist to correct issues caused by Bitesoft, which had to be paid for by themselves.

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Customer Support

There are no regular appointments with Bitesoft unless you opt for their Pro option. Even then, most of your check-ins will be remote, with an AI scan box checking your progress. Invisalign offers more in-person support and regular check-ups to monitor your progress and dental health.

Invisalign Customer Support

You get plenty of in-person support when you use us for your Invisalign treatment. Dental professionals guide you through the process, answer any queries, and adjust your clear aligners if needed. You will be seen every six weeks, where your progress is monitored, and your dental health is checked. While straight teeth are the goal with Invisalign, you also want a healthy smile! We will check for tooth decay and remove any plaque build-up if necessary to give you a new and healthy smile.

Bitesoft Customer Support

Bitesoft offers customer support through email or phone. You can also submit a query to their website for a response. Those using the Pro notion will have access to their dentist for support and guidance if needed, while those at home will have to rely on customer support for queries and the AI scanbox to ensure their treatment is progressing correctly.

Invisalign Vs Bitesoft: Aftercare

Both offer a similar aftercare process, although more information is available for the Invisalign aftercare than for Bitesoft. You must also pay for your night-time retainer separately with Bitesoft.

Invisalign Aftercare

Aftercare is an essential part of Invisalign. Not using your nighttime-only treatment retainers can undo your hard work, so you must follow the aftercare process correctly. The key features are listed below:
  • You must wear your retainer at night to maintain your results
  • You must attend regular dental checkups and cleanings to maintain your oral health
  • You should avoid staining foods and drinks like berries, coffee, and wine as these can discolour your teeth
  • You must clean your aligners regularly to prevent bacteria and plaque from building up. Lukewarm water and a soft-bristled brush is the best method
  • You must rinse your aligners after use in lukewarm water
  • You must floss and brush regularly to ensure good oral hygiene

Bitesoft Aftercare

Aftercare retainers must be used with Bitesoft. These are sold separately from your plan and must be worn every night to prevent any of your teeth from moving. You should also follow some basic aftercare to keep your smile healthy:
  • You must regularly clean your aligners to prevent bacteria build-up. A denture cleaner can be used
  • You must regularly brush and floss to maintain good oral hygiene
  • You must attend regular checkups with your dentist to keep your teeth healthy
  • You must continue to use your aligner at night time to maintain your results
  • You must remove your aligner when eating and drinking

Get A Free Invisalign Treatment Consultation

Now that we have looked at both Bitesoft and Invisalign, you can see which option is better for you. While Bitesoft has some excellent features, Invisalign will offer incredible in-person services and support, alongside reasonable pricing, to help you achieve your new smile. If you want licensed dentists and orthodontists to help you create your dream smile, look no further than Invisalign. Plus, with a free consultation at Gorgeous Smiles, there is no reason to spend a second longer wishing you had straight teeth. Book your consultation today and take the first step to your dream smile.

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