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Oral Hygiene for Children

Minoo  / Jun 29, 1919 / No Comment 
Oral Hygiene for Children

The Ultimate Guide to Oral Hygiene for Children

Good oral hygiene for children and adults is extremely important. It is a habit that needs to be engrained in children early so that it will continue on to adulthood. This is due to the reason that teeth do not re-grow.

We need to take good care of them throughout our entire lives in order to keep them. Here we will cover Australian Dental Association guidelines for tooth brushing and Fluoridated toothpaste use in children. This Guideline covers from the time teeth first erupt until adulthood. Adult oral hygiene routine can be found here.

Oral Hygiene for Children and their parents duty

Many parents believe their children are more prone to oral health problems. Like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities because they are more likely to put their mouths in their mouths, and this is true.
However, it is not due to their child's nature, but due to the child's environment. Children learn by example. Adults' poor oral hygiene may be a contributing factor since what they see is what they sometimes emulate.

Oral hygiene for children It is unavoidable for children to have teeth decay. Which is why most pediatricians will recommend a course of treatment to help avoid the serious condition. This usually involves routine dental visits, which is one of the most important parts of oral hygiene. Aside from brushing daily, certain techniques can help prevent the early onset of tooth decay.

To help ensure healthy teeth and gums, children should brush aggressively with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Please note: toothpaste isn't just for your teeth! Studies show that fluoride in toothpaste can also help prevent cavities. Most children can use toothpaste without any issues. If your child has a sensitivity to fluoride, you may want to try a different brand.

Oral hygiene for toddler

Birth -17 Months:

From the time your baby’s teeth first erupt until 17 months. You need to clean your baby’s teeth using NO TOOTHPASE. You can achieve this by using a wet towel and rubbing the surfaces of their teeth. This will gently remove plaque. More information here.

Oral hygiene for preschoolers

18 Months- 5 Years (inclusive):

From the age of 18 months- 5 years, your child may use a pea-sized drop of children’s toothpaste 2 times a day .Children toothpaste contains 500-550ppm Fluoride. They should brush, and spit out the excess without rinsing. You may clean your children’s teeth for them. But if they are able to be independent it is recommended to allow them to brush with supervision.

18 Months- 5 Years (inclusive):

From the age of 6 years until adulthood. This age group may use standard toothpaste 2 times a day, spitting after without rinsing. Adult toothpaste usually contains 1000-1500ppm Fluoride.

Do not use higher Fluoride concentrations of toothpaste in children more than the recommended dose. It is not suitable for the stage of development of their teeth and might lead to Fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition of teeth with white spots due to excessive Fluoride exposure.

Sometimes it is difficult to get your kids to brush, so it’s important to get creative! Some good ways to do this are to brush and clean with you children, as they like to mimic their parents. Some children’s toothbrushes come in fun colours, play music and even have designs of their favourite cartoons. This can help get kids excited for brushing time!

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