Why We Love Teeth (And You Should, Too!)

Your teeth are your best assets, the way you smile is a factor of how people enjoy the first impression you have on them. It can help a middle age woman to get more confident in her own skin or a grandmother to be able to enjoy her time with her grandchildren. It can help you find your dream job or dream partner in life.

Your smile can change your whole life, all the examples above are from our own patients. The story of how Steve found a new job right after we gave him a smile make over or Maggie could finally enjoy her laughs without being conscious with her grandchildren is real ( names are examples only and not associated to a real patient here at Gorgeous Smiles)

Not only it can change your looks and make you look up to 10 years younger (based on latest studies), it also has the greatest effect on your health! everything you eat goes through your mouth. If there is an infection in the mouth weather it is gum or tooth related it can affect the whole body, it can cause kidney disease or heart disease!! Yes I know it sounds strange but it is the ugly truth! Bacteria start growing in your teeth so you only need a simple dental filling, you ignore it or you are not aware because you have not been to the dentist in awhile, or you have been to the dentist but you did not have x-rays done, so the dentist was not aware there is a cavity.

You do not take care of the cavity so the cavity reaches the nerve , the nerve is the heart of the tooth. The infection spreads to the blood vessels feeding the tooth and travels via your blood vessels to your whole body! That is how you can get renal failure or stroke at very very late stages.

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